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A Big Thank You!


Today is Good Friday, so markets are closed, and that's given me a chance to reflect on the past six weeks and think about all that's happened.


While much of the country has been sheltering in place, we've had one of our busiest periods in recent memory, maybe in my whole 32 year career. The storm this pandemic unleashed has caused incredibly uncertainty, not just in the investment markets but also in everyone's personal lives. In less than two months, we went from a solid economy and a record high stock market to a situation not seen since the Great Depression.


Having gone through similar crises in my long career, I know that it's during times like this that our guidance and reassurance is most valuable. We've sent over a dozen market update emails, hosted two webinars, and made and received hundreds of calls over the past six weeks.


I wanted to take this time to thank you all for the positive feedback and words of encouragement you've offered through this trying time. It really means a lot to us to know what we're doing is having an impact. 


We'll continue to communicate regularly with you, but if there's anything else you need, or things we're not doing that you'd like us to do, please let us know.


And again,  a sincere thank you from myself and Kathy for all of the support and appreciation you've shown us!


I'll spare you any "market talk" today (look for that message next week!), really I just wanted to share my appreciation and wish you and your loved ones continued good health!

Stay well!



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